NXRT is committed to operating as good corporate citizens and creating a sustainable future for our company and our stakeholders. We have integrated environmental, social, and governance practices into our business since its inception, including through our core business strategy. 
Here we highlight some of those practices and other elements of our corporate responsibility program. 

Housing Affordability

In the markets where we operate, there is a growing shortage of housing options for middle-income households. More than 67% of total U.S. household population can afford to live in an NXRT community, making our communities broadly accessible to that demographic. Through our value-add strategy we make investments that improve the quality of the properties for our residents, while maintaining rent levels that are affordable to workforce and middle-income populations. 

Resident Experience and Employee Wellbeing

Our property management partner plays a critical role in both our business and our corporate responsibility program. The property management teams at NXRT’s properties are responsible for ensuring we maintain high-quality communities, positive resident experience, and efficient operations.


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Environmental Sustainability

We invest in renovations that result in significant improvements in resource conservation and energy efficiency. These not only deliver environmental benefits, but also provide long-term cost savings that ultimately contribute to shareholder returns.

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Accountability & Transparency

From our robust business policies and procedures, to our governance structure that emphasizes oversight from a majority independent board of directors, our corporate governance practices promote accountability, enhance risk management, and help drive value for our shareholders.

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