As a public company, we have always operated with a commitment to strong governance practices. From robust business policies and procedures, to a corporate governance structure that emphasizes oversight from a majority independent board of directors, these practices promote accountability, enhance risk management, and help drive value for our shareholders. 

Independent Oversight

At NXRT, we believe in maintaining a board of directors that provides oversight and operates in a way that best serves our stakeholders. We have a majority independent board that brings diverse expertise, holds leadership accountable, and safeguards the interests of stakeholders, contributing to the overall health and success of our organization. 

Board practices:
Annual board and committee evaluations
Corporate governance guidelines and code of business and ethics
Prohibition against hedging or selling our securities short
Lead independent director 
Independent audit, compensation, and nominating and corporate governance committees
Regular succession planning
Written code of business conduct and ethics

Transparency & Accountability

NXRT has high standards for transparency and disclosure, establishing and maintaining internal control over financial reporting. Our annual reports on Form 10-K and quarterly reports on Form 10-Q provide insight into performance and operations. These are filed with the SEC.

Internal Audit

Our internal audit function completes a continuous, independent review and audits all key controls throughout the company. Internal audit prepares routine reports for the audit committee and senior management that include a description of their tests, findings, and recommendation on improvement.

Internal audit reports to the audit committee of the board of directors. 

Code of Ethics

NXRT has in depth policy and procedures that apply to employees. These are described and laid out in our annual compliance training as well as other trainings throughout the year. The Code of Ethics requires strict compliance with the highest standards of ethical business conduct and the provisions of applicable federal securities laws, including rules and regulations promulgated by the SEC. This policy provides guidance to all personnel regarding ethical business principles.