The following highlights environmental initiatives in our corporate responsibility program. We invest in renovations that result in significant improvements in resource conservation and energy efficiency. These not only deliver environmental benefits, but also provide long-term cost savings that ultimately contribute to shareholder returns. 

Green Initiatives Program

This initiative deploys water and energy saving measures including water efficient fixtures, energy saving appliances, LED lighting, solar screens, and irrigation systems. We have completed extensive green energy retrofits to many of our communities. This included us partnering with a company to identify these cost-cutting improvements that positively impacted tenant satisfaction.

Pure Air Pledge

We have committed to making our communities cleaner, healthier, and more comfortable places to live through the Pure Air Pledge. As part of the program, communities commit to prohibit smoking anywhere on the property, while also increasing resident and staff safety and casualty deterrence. 

Property Spotlight: Water Conservation

Water Conservation at the Avant at Pembroke Pines 

The Avant at Pembroke Pines property is located in the Miami, Florida MSA. NXRT’s typical renovation processes resulted in significant improvements to water conservation with both environmental and economic benefits.